Having problems with filtering custom Listview through customAdapter in Android?

Instead of creating a custom filter to filter a Listview through customAdapter in Android,
Try this…
You can just scroll down to the desired view in the Listview …

Programmitically scrolling to the desired index in a Listview:

String keyword=”yourkeyword”; //This is used for searching
int offset;

public int scrollTopostion(String key) {
if ((key != null) && (mystudentlist != null)) { //mystudentlist is the list containing your data
int length = mystudentlist.size();
int i = 0;
while (i < length) {
Listpop item = mystudentlist.get(i); //Listpop  here is the custom list 
String tt = item.getStudentname();
if (tt.toLowerCase().startsWith(key))
return i;
return 0;



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